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"I would highly recommend Hayley as a personal trainer. She is soft spoken and kind yet is able to motivate and get results. Being a young mother herself, she listened and understood my needs/time constraints and made a program that suited me. She made me feel comfortable and confident with my workouts and made working out enjoyable. She was able to push me when I needed pushing but also listened and modified when I was struggling. I would definitely use her again and would highly recommend her!"
- Andrea Bodeux
"I had Hayley as a trainer for almost a full year, which felt like 5 seconds. She knows how to have fun while still training us. I got almost 10 times better than I was since I started. 5 out of 5"
- N.S.
"Hayley Pratt was one of my fitness coaches for a long period of time who’s taught me to work harder, strive to succeed, and be the best version of myself that I am today. If you ask me, Hayley is the best fitness coach anyone could ever have, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. Thank you so much."
- Tristyn Cripps
"Having Hayley at dry land for the past couple of months was such an amazing experience. Hayley was such a great helper, while participating in dry land, making sure everyone was improving to their full potential. If I was ever not doing a workout correctly I could count on Hayley to help get me back on track whether it was fixing my posture, or adding an extra step, she was always there to support me. One thing I noticed while working with Hayley was that she would consistently make dry land super fun, whether it was a compliment or a joke Hayley always made me laugh. Also she was always in such a great mood. Even in some of the less fun times like having to clean extra parts of the gym that people had touched. But even still Hayley always had a smile on under her mask. I was so grateful to have Hayley at dry land. I will miss her a ton."
- Owen Bashow
"Well Hayley is an amazing person and an insane trainer! She loves helping people and people like the help! She does everything she can and has a lot of experience in this field. I personally improved immensely from her advice and I know a lot of colleagues that would say the same. She has a very “get it done” attitude and she is just awesome."
- Noah Ruel
"Hayley has a way with people that inspire them to be better!"
- Richelle Cygan